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  1. The Seven Virtues

  2. The Seven Virtues

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    Many thoughtful Christians see our society dominated by selfism, consumerism and just plain hedonism or the seeking of pleasure for its own sake. Many are deeply concerned about the future of democratic institutions and religious traditions. What’s missing – what has been lost? Father Benedict Groeschel joins a growing chorus of thinkers and writers in his conviction that we have lost track of virtue. He also shares his insight that many Christians are unaware of the crucial distinction between natural virtues, or good human qualities shared by all decent people, and the supernatural virtues. These are qualities like wisdom, justice, temperance and courage, which are lifted up and transformed by the Holy Spirit to make a life united with Christ. Beyond these are the Christian virtues of faith, hope and chastity, essential for the life of a disciple of Christ, and completely misunderstood in our secular culture. This series of eight TV programs will provide much inspiration and insight about the seven great virtues, powers given to us by God. 




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