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  1. A Retreat on Christ (AUDIO DOWNLOAD)

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         In this retreat on the importance of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR explains how following Jesus intently provides great joy. The mystery of how one man, over two thousand years ago, is so closely followed by millions of people today is greatly linked to what Christ left behind. It is not easy to follow Christ. There are many distractions throughout the world. On this retreat, Father Benedict aids us in our quest to welcome Christ as a friend. 
    Disc 1: 01 - The Mystery of Christ in the Church Today
        02 - The Necessity of the Personal Experience of Christ

    Disc 2: 01 - The Proper Use of Sacred Scripture
        02 - The Gift of Divine Filiation / Salvation

    Disc 3: 01 - Devotion to Jesus
        02 - Redemption & It's Cost
        03 - Attitudes at the Liturgy
        04 - Christ Our Model

    Disc 4: 01 - The Following of Christ
        02 - Commitment to Christ: Baptism & Vows
    4 tracks   Running Time: 5 hours 20 minutes

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