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  1. Psychological Growth and Spiritual Development

  2. Psychological Growth and Spiritual Development

    Price:  $60.00


    A 7-Disc Course;
    Twenty 45-Minute Sessions on DVD.

    Disc 1

    - Introduction

    - Personality in General Normality and Adjustment

    - Defense Mechanisms and Anxiety

    Disc 2

    - Defense Mechanisms and Anxiety (cont’d)

    - Personality Types

    Disc 3

    - Personality Types (cont’d)

    - The Healing Call of Grace: The Three Ways and the Level of Maturity

    - The Awakening

    Disc 4

    - Moral Integration

    - Mature Faith

    - Trust in Darkness

    Disc 5

    - Spiritual Progress and Psychological Growth: How They Fit Together

    - The Illuminative Way

    - Religious Experience: Creative Ways of Dealing With it

    Disc 6

    - Religious Experience (cont’d)

    - Religious Experience: The Dark Side

    - The Dark Night of the Soul

    Disc 7

    - The Unitive Way

    - How to Understand and Assess Spiritual Growth: The Next Good Step

    Includes a 57-Page Companion Study Guide

       7 DVDs    Running Time: 8 hours 46 minutes



    note: the DVD set and study guide are also available separately:








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