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  1. The Mystery of Suffering; The Meaning of Hope (AUDIO DOWNLOAD)

  2. The Mystery of Suffering; The Meaning of Hope (AUDIO DOWNLOAD)

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    One of the inescapable elements of human existence, suffering is also one of the most dreaded and misunderstood.  In the life of the Christian, however, suffering need not always be unmitigated evil.  It can be transformed, becoming the vehicle for new life, new hope, and renewed faith. 

    In the third of his annual days of recollection with the Cardinal Cooke Guild, Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, explores the roles of suffering and hope in human life, reminding us that in our most painful moments the "suffering God of Christianity" is with us in a special way.  Using the faith-filled but difficult life of the Servant of God, Terence Cooke, as a model, Father Benedict shows that through hope and trust in the never-failing love of God, life's darkest moments can yield to peace and even joy.




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